Rhythm-a-jix: discover the magic of rhythm with drum and percussion activities for groups and teams              

Welcome to Rhythmajix!

We facilitate drum and percussion circles for groups and teams.

What is a drum circle?

Drumming is a group activity which promotes co-operation, understanding and teamwork. It will benefit your team, client group or community group. 

A drum circle brings people together to create in-the-moment rhythms - everyone co-operates and plays an equal and active part in creating and sharing a rhythmical experience.  Because each group is different, each rhythm-based musical experience is unique.

There are no onlookers and no audience in a drum circle - everyone present is part of the activity.

Participants do not need to have any musical knowledge or experience or to have ever played drums or percussion before.  The activity is open to and accessible by people of all ages and abilities.

The drum circle is led by a facilitator, who guides the group through various rhythm-based activities. All hand drums and percussion are provided.

Taking part in a drum circle is inspirational, beneficial and fun!


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We are based in Shipley, West Yorkshire, and work throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

To book a Rhythmajix drum circle for your group or team, please contact us, either by email or telephone:

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    Telephone: 01274 589939 or 07725 743305

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